The slowest wordpress page on earth

Hello everyone!

A couple of weeks ago I have had the slowest WordPress page ever! I mean it, I had the chance to eat a sandwich while my page was loading (and whoever knows me knows, I am a slow eater). Not cool… in this post, I will tell you how I fixed it and how you might speed up your own WordPress page.

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Debugging 101 (written by a novice)

Hello everyone!

Another Saturday, another post haha! This time I have some debugging tips for you. You wrote some beautiful code and you run it and DAAAMMMNN it is not working. We have all been there. And it does not really matter whether it has been some really big logical mistake or just a typo.  If you are an old player in the coding game, you might know most of the tips… if you are – like me – a novice, they might come in handy!

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Books to read: Storytelling with Data

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Hello internet!

Today I will write about a really good book on how to visualize data. It is called “Storytelling with Data” and is written by Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic. I have read it in only a few hours. In my article about what a data scientist is, I established that a data scientist also has to be a storyteller. This book will help you to create better graphics and charts 🙂

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Data Analyst, Scientist and Engineer

easter nest three

Hello everyone!

A while back I wrote about what a Data Scientist is. When you are scrolling through Data Science jobs, you might also find postings for jobs as Data Analyst or Data Engineer. Obviously, all three are related to Data Science but what exactly do those job profiles mean? Let’s find out together!

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Why I am blogging and anniversary

Hello everyone!birthday cake anniversary blog

The internet and social media are weird. Amazing, but weird. I constantly wonder why I feel the urge to write to people I don’t know? Why do I put myself under pressure to publish articles (believe it or not, I do have a schedule 😉), to research stuff and to make my spelling mistakes public? Well, there are a few reasons and for myself and to maybe inspire you, I will tell you!

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Getting started with the Raspberry Pi

Hello humans of the internet!

A while ago I got myself a Raspberry Pi. Longterm I would like to write more games and programs in Python and then put them on the Raspberry Pi to create something similar to the early game consoles like the Nintendo Entertainment System. But first I have to get started with the little fruit tard…

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