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We take such good care of our bodies. We try to eat right, exercise regularly and do not smoke and drink. Or at least we try to keep the “bad habits” to a minimum. Something that constantly seems to get forgotten is our mental health and our stress level. I think it is obvious to most of us that excessive use of the computer or the mobile phone might cause or increase stress and makes us fell uncomfortable. So why not try a digital detox?

For those of you who are much like me and like to see some evidence in numbers, here is a study published in 2011. The study was founded by the Swedish Council Working Life and Social Research and the participants were young Swedes between 20 and 24. The study focused on the use of mobile phones, which I will also focus on for the digital detox.

Always being reachable and getting informed as soon as something happens does come with advantages. But it also means that it puts a lot of stress on us. For example the feeling of never being free, or the feeling guilty of not being able to return a message or a call quickly enough. Also, it might interrupt your sleep, if you get messages and calls during the night. And not that just that. We might also feel exluded or not be able to cope with the load of information. Worst, if we get addicted to our phones or completely depend on them.

In the study frequent mobile phones use was associated with current stress, sleep distrubances and symptomes of depression for both, women and men. Most of the young adults said, that they are reachable by mobile phone 24/7.

Let’s do something good for our mental health and think about some ways for a digital detox.

  • Maybe we could start slow and just put our phones on flight mode during the night. I am sure some of us are already doing that. If you are (like me) the kind that likes to browse through 9gag or watches youtube until your eyes drop, then maybe set yourself a time from which on you go on airplane mode.
  • Try to get through a day without your phone. Leave it at home. This occationally happens to me by accident and it is not a nice feeling. But once you get used to it, you actually will see how dependant we are from your phones.
  • If you are really good, you might be able to leave your mobile phone at home for several days. You can set dates and answer messages for a set time (like an hour) each day when you come home. This way you will stay in contact and reachable but also give your mind some free time.

Me personally, I haven’t done a digital detox on purpose. But I think I am going to do one soon.

Let me know down below in the comments whether you have ever done a digital detox and how your experince was!

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2 thoughts on “Digital Detox”

  1. Hi Blondie,

    here are some of my tips:
    1. Leave mobile phone, tablet etc. out of sleeping room. Use an old-fashioned alarm clock instead of your phone.
    2. Delete Facebook account. Never regreted this step.
    3. Instead of writing tons of e.g. WhatsApp messages and waiting for replies just call. Much more efficient and less frustrating.


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