Looking back at HackZurich

Hi everyone!

Last weekend HackZurich took place and I’d like to share my experience and also some impressions with you… just so you know right now, it was a really cool week-end with some ups and downs, but I can recommend every one (girl, boy, babycoder or expert) that going to a hack is definitely worth it. Keep on reading to get why 😊

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Hello everyone!

Data is all around us. Big Data and Data Analytics are THE trend right now and many people try to pursue a career in this field. But have you ever wondered what data is and where it is coming from? And what it is like to work with data? Wonder no more – just keep on reading 😉

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Making wordpress safe – and getting really worried

Hi everyone!

As usual I have just been scrolling around and stumbled over a blogentry about how to make wordpress safe. As a total noob to the whole blogging, wordpressing and having an internet-page thing, I didn’t know how many threats were actually out there for little, innocent worpress-user like me. I went to make my wordpress safer – and actually got really worried.

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Make passwords great again!

Upper case, lower case, one special sign, at least eight digits and nothing that makes sense or has any relation to you, your name, your birthdate or the name of your first dog. Does this sound familiar? Yep, this sounds like the requirements for a safe password! But are those still valid?

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