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Hello everyone!

How are you on this lovely Sunday? I am actually quite good! But a few days ago with the Hack, work, school, Python, the blog and everything else going on… it kind of became overkill… so I needed to focus again…

Everything right now, please!

I am one of those people who are super easy to motivate and who want to do everything – right now. Which I feel is a good thing and also a bad one. It also means that I cannot rest and just relax. When I felt that it all just had become too much I needed to do something aka finding out on what to focus.

What do you want?

Although I love all the things I do (yes, also going to school and doing my homework and study) I know that it might be a little too much. In the end, the day only has 24 hours. I decided to set my priorities right and to focus on what I really wanted to do.


I feel like no one is reading my blog. That is okay. I still like to write it. The blog actually gives me a lot. It makes me research things more thoroughly and it also makes me feel more creative and open-minded. Because I am a very structured person I set myself a schedule when to post. Also, I write down ideas for posts and in which order it would make sense to write articles and publish them. I am basically planning my content.

The blog started in February this year and then I just felt like blogging was not really for me. Mid-June, I started blogging again and I have kept up a bi-weekly schedule since. In August or September, I had a creative outburst and wrote down a million ideas. I loved them all so much that I decided to publish weekly so I could realize all the ideas… because why wait when you can just write a post a week, right 😉

I still want to focus on my blog and keep up with a schedule. But the schedule has to change. I am going back to publishing bi-weekly, with keeping my options open for publishing something out of the timely order if I really feel like it.


Yep, I am still learning Python! Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I have started a little Python project which I have from a book. To focus on this one project was the best decision. Before I was just reading here and there, doing various exercises for Python and thinking about multiple projects at the same time. For one I am definitely not good enough yet to do these massive projects I had in mind. Also, I might need some guidance and doing a project which is described in a book gives me some much-needed guidance and focus on what I really have to do.


I liked HackZurich a lot and right after it took place I started to look for other hackathons to participate in. I also remember how physically and mentally tired I was after the Hack and I have decided to not go to another hackathon in 2017. Just because I want to focus on other things right now.

Data Science and Machine Learning Meetups

The ones of you who have read the post on how to start to code a while back will know that I like to go to meetups. There are many reasons to go to these events. I personally like them to get new and fresh ideas and to learn about all the possibilities there are out there. Unfortunately, they also make me sometimes feel a little dizzy and off-focus. There are so many cool topics that people talk about but I simply cannot go to all of them. Neither does it make sense for me to go to every event with a cool description. Therefore I decided to only go to the meetups that I can either directly link to my school or my blog or anything else that I am doing right now in life. Keep my focus straight, so to say.

Feeling focused and motivated

I made some more focus decisions on other aspects of my life. Although I still do a lot of stuff and I sometimes feel like it is a little bit too much, I feel so much more relaxed. Because I have been thinking about what I am doing and made a decision on what I wanted to focus on I feel super motivated!

Let me know down below in the comments if you have ever experienced something similar. What have you been focusing on?

Thank you for reading!



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