Project Number Two

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Hello everyone!

Holidays are over and it is time for a new project! Last year around this time (I think) I tried to code a game in Python from scratch. This year – coincidentally around the same time – I try to create an app for my mobile phone. Once again I will write a little coding diary about all the little troubles and stepping stones along the way and all the sweet sweet moments of success.

Disclaimer Number One 🙂

As I have never done an app before you can hardly call this a tutorial. So this is really just to show you that there are other people around the world sitting in front of their computers, crying because the computer is not doing what they told it to do.

First things first… why an app?

I have been wanting to do an app for probably a year or so. But I did not just want to create an app, I really felt like there was the need for another app on the market (or at least among my working buddies). Do you also work in a place where one guy gets the coffee for all the others? And do you also work with about ten to twelve people and they all want coffee? Do you also have a bad short-term memory? Then you need my (soon to be) app which I currently call by its working title “coffee hero”.

(And yes, we considered pen and paper to write down the orders – but where is the fun in that? Also, how could we do some fun coffee statistics at the end of the year for the Christmas party?)

Planning Phase

I like to plan things. For me, planning is half the fun. I first want to write and draw down all the things I want for my “coffee hero”.

What functionalities should I have?

The user should have a profile. The one guy (our hero really) who gets the coffee should be able to open up a coffee round and set a time limit. So there is basically a time window when the coffee can be ordered by the others.

Among my colleagues, we take turns at paying the round of coffee. So it should also be possible to track who paid which round. The person who gets the coffee does not necessarily have to be the paying person.


Apart from planning, I also like drawing 🙂 Because a picture says more than a thousand words…

In case that the drawings are confusing. I tried to draw the different screens you would see on the app during the ordering/getting process. Clearly, I also got confused whether to use Englisch or German 😉

What now?

Well, now we start coding! *nervous typing on keyboard* Or do we? I do have a rough idea now what the app should look like. But still, I have no clue how to actually make an app. And how do I make it work on apple phones and android phones? And how do I get it on my colleague’s phones? Awww, so many questions! And they all whisper “write about it in the next blogpost”…

So this is what I will do. Thank you so much for reading!



Disclaimer Number Two

I actually changed employer a few months ago and I do no longer work with my coffee loving colleagues. They do still drink coffee though and hopefully, at the end of this little project, I can provide them with a cool app to help them get their coffee easier 🙂

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