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Hello everyone!

I started on my Udemy Course on React Native. In this post I will tell you a bit about how it goes and what troubles I came across when starting with React Native.


I booked “the Complete React Native and Redux Course (in case you want to do the same :)) on Udemy. The booking itself is really easy and the only “difficult” thing is to choose the right path or course for you. Each course has a short description and two to three exemplatory videos so you can check what the course is actually like.

I am very happy with the course I choose. I already did 7 out of 20 chapters.

Depending on what exactly you want to learn you might want to check on how old the course is. With react native now I realized that some things have changed within the past time. It is only minor things so for me this was not a big isse (so far I mean… still 13 chapters to go!).

React Native Environment

React Native needs a lot of stuff to work. During the setup I had a lot of issues which were not directly adressed in the tutorial. A cool feature of Udemy is the Question and Answer Section, where you can ask a question, give answers and of course just browse through the existing ones. I was able to fix some things with the answers given  there or some googeling and going through old stackoverflow posts.

Now everything is up and running and I am super happy 😀 I am now working with the Android Studio, Atom (which I already had) and uhm… yeah… just these two… I think there some other things you can install which help you with the React Native Syntax but I just skipped this part because it said that you do not need this…


Unfortunately, just with getting the right environment the app is not done yet.  Bummer… I know…

When I wrote about the different tools which you could use, I told you that I was really amazed with the emulator or similator in Expo/Snacks. Turns out, Android Studio also has this feature. I am not sure whether you could connect it to your phone but you can create a device which will show on your laptop and then check what your code is doing on the phone. Pretty cool 🙂

Setting up this simulator phone was actually one of the things which was the hardest to set up. For some reason it just did not want to work… I forgot how I fixed it but it is running now! Running the simulated device uses a lot of computing power. I was really confused about this in the beginning. Now I close the simulator whenever I do not need it.

Red Screen Alert

So the emulator or simulator, I am not really sure which one of the two it actually is, is up and running. So time to write some code.

We (aka the course and I) took things slow and started with creating some text to show on the phones display. A typo in your code will turn the screen of your phone into a bright red. There are also a nice error message written in white. I almost never really understood the message. I know error messages are meant to help the developer detect the error. So far they only confused me.

Anyway. When you are starting with the whole app creating… brace yourself… a lot of red displays are awaiting you!


I hope to have some more time for the Udemy course in the next two weeks so I can finish it. In the course it says that the concept and the language itself is not that difficult. But you kind of need exercise and experience. The usual.

I hope you had fun reading this little report on my learning status 😉

Thank you for reading!


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