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Hello everyone

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote about focus and not doing too much at the same time. If you don’t remember, you can read up here… almost exactly a year later, I am in the exact same spot againg… yaaaay!


It is almost embarrassing to admit that apparently, I did not learn too much from my own post last year. But just this weekend I had to go over all the things that I want (and must) do and it is just too much again… Mostly because I want to do and learn everything at once…

So it is time for some focus (again)!


Although it takes up a lot of time I still enjoy blogging! I definitely want to keep up filling the internet with more words and pictures! So this will stay on my list.


We are actually “learning” Python right now at school (if you did not read up, I wrote about data science schools and my path here). Which is a blessing and a curse in one. On one hand, I know many of the things we are going through, on the other hand, it always helps to hear things twice and from a different perspective. “The last time” (aka Snake) I just kind of did something without really knowing what I did. Whenever I encountered a problem I just tried to solve it. Coming at it from another side (and also in hindsight) I could have made my life a lot easier.

Anyhow, practice is key for asiring pythoneers, so I want to do the homework and the exercise and we will also do a school python project. So this will also be in my focus.


I did not participate in any hackathon this year. And I probably won’t in the future. The only hackathon I took part in this year was as a volunteer at Hack’n’Lead. This was actually really good. I did not have to work on a project and finish on time. Instead, I had the chance to talk to other volunteers and visitors and had the most amazing conversations.


It’s been a while since I have been at a meetup. So this does not take up too much time either. But if a good one comes up and I can fit it in, I would like to go again! Also, this does not take up too much time if it is not a workshop.

The app and Udemy

Yep, the app has to get off my focus list. Although it is really interesting to learn about react-native and redux it is just too time-consuming. And I only just started with learning about how to generally create an app. Doing the specific app I had in mind is another story. So this will be postponed to probably next year.


I already mentioned it. I am going to school and this semester I am really good at keeping up and doing my homework. This costs me some time but it is really worth it! I personally would recommend this to anyone who is doing a school or any other kind of education. It helps you to follow better and ask questions while you are on a topic.

So in conclusion…

… the app has to be postponed and more focus on Python and School. And then it should all work somehow…

Yep, I am misusing this blog as my little therapeutic space… but this is also a part of my journey 🙂

Have a nice weekend and thank you for reading!


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