Looking back at HackZurich

Hi everyone!

Last weekend HackZurich took place and I’d like to share my experience and also some impressions with you… just so you know right now, it was a really cool week-end with some ups and downs, but I can recommend every one (girl, boy, babycoder or expert) that going to a hack is definitely worth it. Keep on reading to get why 😊

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What I prepare for my first hackathon (What the hack? Part 2)


Now that you are all excited about hackathons and we all made sure to apply for one you might also want to know what to prepare for such an event! I haven’t been yet to a hackathon but I have heard of this new thing, the internet, where you can look for information and this is just what I am going to do – keep on reading to see what I found 😉

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What the hack? (Part 1)

Hello everybody!

I have been blabbing on about going to my first hackathon and I never really made sure that everyone knows what a hackathon is. So we will figure that out today and also see what you can (according to the web) prep for a hack! Continue reading “What the hack? (Part 1)”