Reading Captchas – Putting everything together

Hello my lovelies!

Finally! We now have all the puzzle pieces to put together a function which can read a captcha and tell us the four letters!

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Learning Captchas – Training the CNN

Happy Sunday!

Today we dive into step 4 of the Captcha Project! Always been keen on implementing a convolutional neural network? Then stay tuned!

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Capturing Captchas – Setting a baseline

captcha neural network random forest baseline machine learning


This time we are finally applying some of those machine learning skill! Before we can start with the CNN, we should set a baseline. So let’s start!

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Slicing Captchas – How to process images

captcha part two


Welcome to part two of the Captcha project. In the last blog post we laid out the plan on how to process captchas and make predictions on them. In this second part, we will check on how to turn a captcha into four separate letter images!

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Capturing Captchas – How to plan a data science project

Hi ya all!

It has been a really long time since my last blogpost. But now it is time for some Python and Machine Learning. In this blog series, I will tell you about reading out and processing captchas and how I planned this data science project.

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What is happening with Python now?

Hello everyone!

A short while ago you read here about how I (finally) finished my first full Python project aka the retro game snake. But what is happening now? What will happen to the snake? Will anyone ever play my game again?

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Python update – it is working!! (5)

Hello everyone!

In this blogpost, I will finish the game snake with you. I have actually finished it about a week ago. But I do not like blogposts which are too long so I had to split them up into two parts! I hope you do enjoy this one!

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Python update – still no clue (part 3)

research library problem solving coding python snake game

Hello everyone!

The last time we left off with the snake game was at the point where the snake was not moving in the last indicated direction. I still do not really know how to fix this… so it is time for some more serious google research!

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Python update – come along while things move (part 2)


Hello everyone!

The other day I started with my Python project, the game snake. I have left off after figuring out how to create a window, creating objects within the window and I tried to move things. The moving part needs some further work so let’s do that together!

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